Our Thesis


“When Arroyo underwrites a deal, we look at credit, counterparties and contracts to ensure any downside is protected. In addition, we identify three to five things within the commercial strategy which truly defines an Arroyo deal.”

– Chuck Jordan



Since 2003, the Arroyo team has consistently implemented a strategy focused on downside protection and upside value creation. We aim to grow the amount and term of the gross margins within our investment companies.

Arroyo uses a variety of business strategies based on its core areas of expertise:

The team’s underwriting focus is on investments with a combination of the following characteristics: predictable cash flows; assets with reliable operating history; favorable operating characteristics and position relative to demand; and conservative capital structures. Arroyo implements a hands-on management style and seeks to make controlling investments without the use of operating partners.

Arroyo pursues investments in the U.S., Mexico and Chile.

“We’re driven to be a leader in this space. We not only have an active hands on approach, but we’re also focused on creating win-win opportunities with our customers.”

– Samuel Warfield

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